Lee Davenport - Harp Maker

9549 Longlook Lane, Columbia MD 21045


Custom Builder of Celtic Harps

Lee Davenport has been crafting harps for over twenty years.  Each harp is made to the buyer's specifications - of size, strings, woods, and design.  Call Lee for an instrument that you will cherish forever.


"All of my harps are Davenports.  I have a 22 string harp, two 31 string harps, and a very unique 64 string double harp (with two rows of strings).  The sound quality is excellent; the woodworking beautiful.  The harps are very sturdy - I have no qualms about letting youngsters try them out.  By far the best investment I have made."  
                           Emily Reid, harpist and teacher   www.evreid.com